The Western Isles

The Western Isles (Na h-Eileanan an Iar or Innse Gall as they are also known in Gaelic) are a run of islands off the west coast of Scotland which are also referred to as the Outer Hebrides. This archipelago was once under the rule of the Norse a fact that is still evidenced to this day by the many Norse place names found around the islands. Although the Norse had a major influence on these islands the clans of MacKenzie, MacLeod, MacDonald and MacNeil took control around the 13th century and continued to do so up until the abolition of the clan system.

The Gaelic language continues to be the daily language of the people of the Western Isles. Songs and stories telling the history of the islands continue to be passed on through the generations and the traditional crofting way of life remains an integral part of island life for many.

Rich in history and full of interesting geographical features the Western Isles are truly inspiring.

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